par 56 led pool light 12V AC Underwater Lighting IP68 Waterproof

LED PAR56 Pool Light is designed to replace Halogen 300W PAR56 Bulb with following reasons.

1). LED PAR56 Pool Light can be single color(warm white, white, blue, green), and Multiple color(changeable), but Halogen PAR56 Bulb only has yellow color.

2). LED Lamp is much more engery saving, which can help people save much electricity bill.

3). LED Pool Light can be 2 years life span which is longer than Halogen only 2000 hrs.

4). Resistant:
They are highly resistant to shock, heat and chemical attacks from water treatment products
5). Reliable and efficient:
Its friction-welded optic lens, which has been specially developed for underwater lighting, spreads light around the pool evenly and excellently without dazzling bathers.
Its LED light source means that major savings can be made by pool users(energy savings) and also by professionals when building a pool.

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