LED Light Waterproof 12V AC PAR 56 RGBW Projector for Swimming Pool IP68

RGBW PAR 56 LED Bulb is a new version we add in our product list, it is additional White or Warm White color base on RGB, so RGBW=RGB+White, RGBWW=RGB+Warm White.

Usually, customers treat RGB is white color when these three colors are on at the same time, but it is not pure white, they are mixed color.

But the "W" in RGBW is pure white, which means only White color LED is on, no red, no green, no blue mixed, and the same theory as RGBWW.

Our RGBW or RGBWW can be 24W, 36W, 46W, 60W, 72W, and single color(red/green/blue/warm white/white), and RGBW with remote, RGBWW with remote.

 You can make the lamp stays on warm white or white by remote if you buy the lamp in RGBW and RGBWW.

The input voltage of our lamp is AC12V and DC12V.

It is IP68 waterproof, widely used to replace halogen 300W Bulb, and 2 years warranty.

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